About Us

BHSDE (Baroda High School Danteshwar English Medium) was started in 1996 by Baroda Lions Club Education Trust (BLCET). It is an English Medium, Co-educational school having classes from Pre-Primary to Std. 10.

Foundational Stage (Sneh to Std. 2)   Secondary Stage

The students are taught through play-based or activity-based methods. The overall aim is to attain optimal outcomes in the domains of: physical and motor development, cognitive development, socio-emotional-ethical development, cultural/artistic development, and the development of communication and early language, literacy, and numeracy.

Preparatory Stage (Std.3 to 5)

The focus in the preparatory stage remains on play, discovery, activity-based and interactive learning and cognitive development of a child. The focus is still on language and numeracy skills. 

Middle Stage (Std.6 to 8)

Here the focus is more on Experiential learning and Critical Thinking rather than rote learning. Learning and discussion of more abstract concepts in subjects like science, mathematics, arts, social sciences etc. is stressed upon.

Secondary Stage

The most significant change in these classes is the transition to a multidisciplinary system in which students are able to choose from a range of topic combinations based on their talents and interests.The students develop skills for a technological society and scientific temper and acquire dignity of labour and social sensitivity.